New startup to Nothing Hill! 

Skrevet av Glen Whelan, Snappy AS 

Snappy are primarily a software development company, we make mobile apps 
and back end systems for internal workflow at a company. Meaning shift 
plans, internal chat apps and process automation as a few examples. We 
also provide 3D prints and laser cutting / engraving, so we’re able to 
provide software/hardware solutions like kiosk systems. 

We moved to nothing hill because this place is perfect for us. While a 
lot of our work is behind the desk, we needed a large space for the 3D 
printer / Laser cutter and the real estate for building some of our 
hardware. We really like what they’re doing here in general, as it seems 
they’re trying to build a community of like-minded people who can 
collaborate with each other. We’re a new start-up, and it’s not very 
often somebody wants to help out the little guy. 


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